June 13, 2024

“Little Three Stooges” in the Works

Remember when the Farrerlly Brothers made the Three Stooges remake, and we thought, “Now why in the hell would they go and do that?” Well, C3, who currently owns the Three Stooges brand, has decided one disrespectful film wasn’t enough, and are upping the ante by making a Little Three Stooges film, which will have the trio as adolescent boys. 20th Century Fox, who made the last Stooges film, will be behind this one as well. Casting is currently underway to find the perfect Li’l Stooges.  When they’re done with this film, the studio head is going to personally dig up the graves of Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard and rape their corpses, just for posterity. The only people happy about this film are the relatives of Joe Besser and Joe DeRita.

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