June 22, 2024

Josh Brolin Cast as Cable in Deadpool 2; Ryan Reynolds Responds

After rumors of that Michael Shannon, Stephen Lang and Stranger Things’ David Harbour might snag the role of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel, it was learned that Josh Brolin has been cast in the role. While we didn’t see that casting coming, we do think it’s fantastic. Ryan Reynolds didn’t think so, however. He jokingly Tweeted the following picture, stating:

“The fuck, Fox! You can’t play 2 characters in the same universe!! Josh Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch.”














Reynolds is referencing the fact that Brolin is also playing Thanos in the Marvel/Avengers Cinematic Universe, who will have a larger role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. 

Production on the Deadpool sequel tis scheduled to begin in June in  Vancouver.

Source: THR

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