June 22, 2024

Johnny Depp to Star in Invisible Man Remake

Universal is doubling down on their classic monster remake series, and has cast Johnny Depp in the title role of the Invisible Man. Universal previously announced that Tom Cruise would be starring in The Mummy remake. The series of films will lead up to a giant cross over film featuring all of Universal’s classic monsters.

The Invisible Man, based on the classic novel by legendary Victorian era novelist H.G. Wells, was previously adapted by Universal in 1933, and starred Claude Rains (to put a bit of perspective on how long ago that was, Wells was still alive when the film was made, dying thirteen years later). Warner Bros. gave us the John Carpenter directed Memoirs of an Invisible Man in 1992 starring Chevy Chase and Sam Neil, but that was not related to the Wells book, but rather based on a book by H.F. Saint.

Universal now has two of the biggest movie stars on the planet starring in the first two movies of the shared Universal Monster Cinematic Universe, which means at the very least, we can expect a film starring Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp at some point in the future, which is pretty insane when you think about it. Not to mention, based on this casting, there  is little to no chance that the other films in the series (WolfmanCreature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein), will have slackers cast in them, meaning we’re potentially looking at the mother of all star studded films.

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