June 13, 2024

John Schneider Studios Devastated By Flooding

A few years ago, Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville star John Schneider opened a 58 acre production studio called John Schneider Studios in Louisiana. The purpose of the studio was to provide low cost production services for low budget films. In addition to sound stages, the studio boasts a swamp, river access, large open fields, a lake, a baseball field, a five-acre forest of giant bamboo, and what Schneider describes as “a cool old house. The studio also houses post production suits as well. However, recent excessive flooding has damaged much of the studios, so a Go Fund Me page has been created to help with repairs.

Schneider talked to us about the studios a little while back:

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5 thoughts on “John Schneider Studios Devastated By Flooding

  1. Thanks for the interview w John Schneider. I just found this now, March, 2016. His film “Bad Blood” has a title change to “Inadmissible,” not yet out. The “Smothered” film will be on Demand and DVD on March 29, 2016. John is so right about the producers and writers in Hollywood not really knowing the pulse of the fans. They stay in their studios and make up what they believe fans will like instead of asking them what is going on in their lives and what matters to them. John always likes feedback whether it’s on films, TV, or performances. He’s there with the fans, talking and learning. He’s a genuine person with a huge heart and massive personality.

  2. I’m setting up a work day/volunteer cleanup on Friday April 1st at his studio if anyone is interested in helping out. It’s hard enough being a small studio without a flood taking ya out.
    chuck 985/707/4956

  3. John schneider is a gift from god. .he needs our help. .please give from your heart as he has given and still gives from his heart..donate by volunteering at the studio..let’s help our very special best friend. .Sandra ainsworth biloxi mississippi

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