June 18, 2024

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser Trailer

Oh boy.  It looks as if the mullet has gone even more out of style.  David Spade reprises his role as the white trash “hero” Joe Dirt, this time, as the father of triplets who is sent back in time and is on a mission to find his way back home.  The movie is a first of its kind, however, not in content clearly, but where and how it is being premiered.  It is set to premiere July 16 on Crackle, the fledgling video streaming  website owned by Sony Entertainment.   So audience members can take solace in knowing they do not stand a chance of wasting their money, however, they still stand the likely chance of wasting their time.

Christopher Walken, Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, Adam Beach, Patrick Warburton, Mark McGrath, Charlotte McKinney and Kevin Farley are also to star in the sequel.

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