June 13, 2024

Jay and Silent Bob may show up in Kevin Smith’s “True North” Trilogy

It seems like just yesterday that Kevin Smith was talking about getting out the film business all together.  He was tired of the pitch as they say, but obviously he changed his mind.  Just two years ago he came up with one of his most outlandish ideas ever on his podcast, Tusk, and less than a year later it was out.  And during that time we have heard a third Clerks is on its way, a Mallrats sequel (Mallbrats is the apparent working title) is getting ready to shoot this summer.  Along with that he is working hard to finish his True North Trilogy which started with Tusk and will be following soon with Yoga Hosers and will be completed with Moose Jaws.

According to Smith Moose Jaws is still in the writing phase and he basically describes it as Jaws with a Moose in Canada.  He recently teased that his dynamic Stoner Duo of Jay and Silent Bob may show up in the final installment of the trilogy.  For someone who was ready to quit the biz a little over a year ago Smith has done a huge about face, but we have to attribute that to him going back to his low budget roots and making a film that was (like it or not) pretty ridiculous and obviously inspiring, if not to anyone else, Smith himself. Check out his recent Facebook post:

After @tuskthemovie and next year’s #YogaHosers, my True North Trilogy will end with#MooseJaws. I’m working on the MooseJaws script now and just had an idea that’d make something fun and stupid even more so for me. So the question on the floor is
this: Should I mashup my movie-universes by bringing Jay and Silent Bob into #MooseJaws? As a thanks for your participation, I include this amazing picture that someone sent me of a far better movie mashup idea: Canadian Stormtroopers fighting Jaws.



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