June 22, 2024

Jamie Bell as Next as James Bond?

Despite rumors that Daniel Craig is in fact not done with Bond (the actor is supposedly just waiting for more creative info about the next installment before he commits), producers are talking with actor Jamie Bell about taking over the franchise, according from Deadline. bell is best known in the titular role of Billy Elliot, though he’s also had roles in Jane Eyre, Snowpiercer,  and as Ben “The Thing” Gimm the recent Fantastic Four reboot.

More than likely, any talks with Bell, or any other actor, are just precautionary measures should Craig decide to walk away from the franchise. Should Bell be cast, at the age of 30 it would make him the youngest actor to take on the role as 007 (Sean Connery was 31 at the time of Dr. No, although as filming won’t begin for some time, Bell may be at least 31 when production begins).

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