June 15, 2024

Hudson and Potts to Cameo in Ghostbusters Remake

Well, it looks like Ernie Hudson is finally getting a bit of ghost busting love after all. After it was announced that both Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd would have cameos in the all female Ghostbusters reboot, fanboys around the internet were wondering why everyone’s favorite audience surrogate character wasn’t going to be appearing in the film as well. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hudson was seen on the set on the last day of shooting this past Saturday.

And The Boston Herald is reporting that original cast member Annie Potts will also have a cameo, appearing as a hotel clerk.  There has been no word, however, about cameos from  about Sigourney Weaver, William Atherton, or Rick Moranis (although Moranis is no surprise, as he has been retired from acting for some time now).


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