June 15, 2024

George Lucas Will Not Return for “Indy 5”

Contrary to previous reports, George Lucas will not be back to write and or produce the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film. Collider spoke with Krystal Skull writer David Koepp, and asked him if Lucas was involved in Indiana Jones 5. This was his response:

“He’s not, to my knowledge. I’ve had no contact with him.”

One would think that the screenwriter would have had contact with a producer at this point. Spielberg previously stated lucas would be back to produce, but as Lucasfilms wanted nothing to do with Georgey boy for The Force Awakens, it’s not surprising that they’re cutting him out of the Indy loop as well. He can go cry himself to sleep on his giant money pillow, which rests upon his giant money bed, which sits in his gold plated room.

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