June 22, 2024

Emma Watson and Miles Teller Deemed Too Demanding for “La La Land”

Now that La La Land has racked up a plethora of accolades, including a record tying fourteen Oscar nominations,  Emma Watson and Miles Teller, who were both up for the leads prior to the casting of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, are reportedly “raising hell” with their respective agents for not landing them the roles.

However, it’s being said that the actors both lost out on the roles due to “crazy demands.” Among the demands were Watson insisting that rehearsals take place in London, and Teller demanding $6 million rather than the $4 million he was offered.

Both actors have denied this, with Watson claiming that the movie just wasn’t for her, while teller has Tweeted that the New York Post’s Page Six  was “reporting” alternative facts.

Watson can be seen in Disney’s highly anticipated  live action Beauty and the Beast, and Teller will be starring in Thank You for Your Service, about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in war veterans.

Source: Sky News

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