June 13, 2024

“Edge of Tomorrow” Sequel Has Title; Emily Blunt Returning

A sequel to the stellar time looping sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow is in the works, and director Doug Liman has revealed that not only is Emily Blunt returning to star along side Tom Cruise, be that they have a title as well. In an interview with Collider to promote his new film The Wall, he had this to say:

“We have an amazing story! It’s incredible! Way better than the first film, and I obviously loved the first film. It will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Tom [Cruise] is excited about it, and Emily Blunt is excited about it. The big question is just when we’ll do it. But it’s not an if, it’s a when.”

Those that have the Blu-Ray release will be familiar with the title, as Lie. Die. Repeat. is largely printed on the cover. Liman had previously discussed the plot:

“I’ve had some radical ideas about how to make a sequel that would interest me, in the same way that I had ideas of how you make an independent film and then Swingers came along and it was like ‘Aha, that’s the perfect movie for me to test these ideas out on.’ I had these intellectual ideas on how you should make a sequel that are unlike how anybody else makes a sequel, and this script and this idea fit perfectly into that idea. So it’s gonna revolutionize how people make sequels. And again that’s why I try to do things like Invisible that are just, the revolution’s sort of built into the idea. It’s more heresy in the film world for me to pitch things that are sort of unheard of.”

Revolutionizing how a sequel is made with in the context of a time bending film? It  worked well for Back to the Future Part II, so why not?

Source: Collider





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