June 13, 2024

Director Uwe Boll Sucks and Blames Everyone Else

Uwe Boll is a dick. The famed crappy filmmaker (Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne) went on a of couple angry rants on You Tube after he failed to raise $55,000 through his Kickstarter campaign to produce his film Rampage 3: No Mercy. With only a few days left, he had only raised $24,500 (Film Dumpster once raised a quarter of that for our Kickstarter campaign, and no one knows us from shit, if that puts it in perspective at all).  This was his third attempt at a crowdsourcing fundraiser to help raise funds for the film, and apparently, he has chosen to blame everyone for their failures but himself.

In one video, he blames Kickstarter:

“Basically my message is ‘f–k yourself’…What retarded amateur idiots collecting money on that website… For me crowd funding is absolutely dead.”

In another video, he bashes stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr.:

“They are laughing about you, because you make two thousand bucks a month, and the only thing that you do, is you bring it to the box office to watch the next brainwashing, completely fucking bullshit.”

Boll has an impressive number of movies under his belt, but they have all been notoriously panned. His highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes is 2013’s Assault on Wall Street, at a whopping 25%, with the lowest being 2005’s Alone in th Dark at 1%. This man does not make good movies. Back in 2008 there was actually a petition online to try and get him to stop making films. If it reached one million signatures, he agreed to walk away from filmmaking (it did not, and he hasn’t). He had previously taken his frustration out on film critics, whom he challenged to boxing matches.

He may be a terrible filmmaker, but man he’s fun to watch get mad.

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