May 30, 2024

Daredevil : A personal history and Netflix  show review 2015

The year is 1993, the season was summer and an incredible drive-in experience precedes an incredible literary an artistic journey of a young boy. The drive-inn film was Jurassic Park, the literary journey? A slew of un-labeled white boxes dropped off onto a front porch from an unnamed source. The contents of the boxes in this heap were of Marvel comics. Hundreds in fact. The rest of this boys summer was set. The first book he picked up was “Thunder Strike”.. amazed by this mans hammer and uncanny resemblance to the mighty Thor.. the very next book was book one in the Daredevil series “Fall from grace”.. This saga would forever alter that boys image of what makes a man and what makes a hero. 

That boy was me. 

Fast forward to 2003.. nearly a decade later I found my self awash in comic fever as I had already seen the first few films that would change he landscape of Hollywood for the foreseeable future. Those films were X-MEN and Spider-Man. Studios started noticing this growing trend in a company so vast and rich with tradition.. stockpiles with millions of pages of  creativity and art EXPLODING out of the seams. Then the inevitable happened.. the market got flooded with cookie cutter rent-a-director style comic film clones that would inevitably be rebooted or quickly forgotten. In 2003 there was such a film… Daredevil.

 I don’t have to write anything about this film that you may not already know but in case you don’t.. it is total fucking rotten dogshit coated in wet cat hair. Needless to say, after the inevitable spinoff we got of “Elektra”.. yea we got one of those, too. I decided then and there that the man without fear was now a man without fans. 

Fast forward another decade and a brief announcement of a slew of Marvel based TV shows were to air as Netflix exclusives. One of those shows mentioned to be the first to air was Daredevil. After I let out a giant *sigh* I quickly forgot about it and it slipped my mind.

Present day…


It’s April 10th 3am.. I am eagerly awaiting a series as much as I am dreading the possible disappointment to come.. would it, could it even be good? By now DC has a slew of shows out on different networks that couldn’t keep my attention span long enough, and Marvel has not treat the waters of TV as much yet besides Agents Of Shield which, only my opinion is not that great either. I don’t need EPIC explosions and crazy effects to keep me engaged to such shows. All I need are the pro and antagonists to conclude their roles in a believable way while the storytelling and Photography keeps my eyes from rolling.

Daredevil changed that for me. Actually it changed my entire outlook on what a comic book based television show could be when done right and put into the right hands. The character arc that happens throughout the entire 13 episode season is compelling, thrilling and sometimes outright heartbreaking. This is a Matt Murdoch we haven’t seen on screen yet and only got small glimpses of in the comics. When I saw his approach to doing what he feels is right I don’t see a rich man hiding in a cave being a detective, I see a 99 percenter. I see Serpico.. I see the Good Samaritan. I see myself.. I see us. The common man, with demons and disabilities that are put to their best use they can possibly be. He’s one of us. Wilson Fisk however, represents the One percenter who skips stones into the lake of fire one by one who believes he will never get burnt. Well those days are numbered and one day, the devil will deal the damage necessary to balance the scales of justice.

That’s what I felt when I watched this show.. and goddamn it feels great to get the same hair raising feeling I got today during the crescendo of the finale. The same feeling a little boy got over 20 years ago when he opened his first Daredevil comic.


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