June 22, 2024

China Builds an Iron Man

During a technology conference in Shanghai, a robot was unveiled that strikes a very close resemblance to Marvel’s Iron Man, donning a logo right where Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor would be located, and as one may expect, is painted in the super hero’s classic red and yellow color scheme.

chinas iron man again

The robot’s name is Xiaotian, which translates to “Little Sky”, and is described as a new type of robot that    can “cope with the harsh space environment and complex manipulation tasks.” It can work in a wide    variety of environments, apparently, from space stations to lunar landings to unmanned space probes.

The Chinese news site Guancha, reports that Xiaotian has flexible arms and hands that enable it to do anything human hands can do, from picking up a pen to replacing an electrical connector. And unlike typical industrial robots, it adds, Xiaotian can work in outer space.The robot’s designer is state-owned China Aerospace and Technology Corp, and is also the nation’s main space contractor.

We were kind of wondering if RDJ’s $40 million dollar paycheck might come down now that he can be replaced with a robot?





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