June 18, 2024

Animated Indy Film to be Released Soon

A few years back, Netherland-based artist and animator, Patrick Schoenmaker, was approached by Lucasfilms to create an Indiana Jones print (above). That collaboration inspired Schoenmaker to go ahead and produce an animated Indiana Jones film, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

When it was announced earlier this year that we can expect to see Harrison Ford don the fedora again for a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, fanboys rejoiced, not just because they were excited to see their favorite globe trotting archeologist again, but because it was a chance to possibly make up for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Well, an animated film could help cleanse the palate as well.  There is no word on the length of the film, or how it will be released, or what Disney/Lucasfilms has to say about the project, for that matter. At this point we only know that the film, titled The Adventures of Indiana Jones, it will be released on September 29th. Below are some of Schoenmaker’s concept Indiana Jones art.

indy-1 indy-2 indy-3 indy-4 indy-5 indy-6 indy-7 indy-8 indy-9 indy-10

Source: SlashFilm

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